More About the Bee Control Services We Offer

Bee N BB Removal Miami is a bee control company that focuses on providing quality services for clients in the area. We are professionals with 45 years of experience working in the industry in Miami, FL. As bee control experts, we are determined to help you feel safe in your property without having to worry about any bees. Our team uses professional techniques and strategies to do the job in order to ensure the safe and efficient execution you are looking for. You have nothing to fear when we are on the job. Continue reading for more.

We Can Provide the Following:

Bee Removal

Spraying bees is not always an effective way to get rid of them. The whole bee colony must be removed to get rid of the problem. Our professionals will be able to capture the entire colony and ensure that it is correctly removed from your property. We make sure that the bees stay safe at all times during the removal process. We are certain of this because we only use natural methods for removing the bees. Once we relocate the queen bee, the rest will follow, and you won’t have an issue anymore.

Bee Relocation

Bee Relocation

Bee Relocation

Bees are essential for various reasons – from making honey to transferring pollen. Killing them once they are captured is not ideal. We relocate them instead so that they can continue their lives, but away from your property. At Bee N BB Removal Miami, we are determined to provide our clients with quality services that will help them get rid of their bee problem. Our team uses natural processes to remove the bees so that you are at ease when in your home. Trust that our methods are safe and won’t harm the bees or their homes.

Beehive Removal

To effectively remove the bees that surround your property, you must get rid of the beehive. This can be a dangerous task, which is why you need to have professionals like us take care of it. We also remove dead hives. Our bee control team in Miami, FL is trained for this job and uses the proper protection as well as equipment to complete the task.

Beehive Relocation

To ensure that the bees are all relocated safely and away from your property, the entire hive must be moved. We will find and capture the hive, while still keeping it safe, and ensure that it is placed in a location suitable for the bees.

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